Tap fly dji что это заказать крепеж mavic air combo 4 апр. г. - Has anyone had a problem exiting an Intelligent mode? I have completed all the latest updates. Today while after flying in 'TapFly' mode I tried to exit to 'Normal', and it gave a warning message that it could not exit or enter another mode. Any ideas or suggestions? Active Track worked fine before trying the. 22 мар. г. - The DJI Phantom 4 is a slick, feature-packed drone. People say it's the drone that anybody can fly, the quadcopter that you just can't crash. Let me be painfully clear about two things: 1) Not everyone can fly the Phantom 4, and 2) It's pretty damn easy to crash. 1 июн. г. - The Tap To Fly feature is a very easy and intuitive way to fly a drone. It's perfect for anyone who is not used to the conventional two stick controller or unconformable with their hand-eye coordination. With this, it's obstacle avoidance system and other flight modes such as the Active Track, the DJI Phantom 4.

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Review: Tap Fly❿❽ I can test it out later this afternoon. On the video recording software side I de-selected each and every setting then re-selected. There are many conditions or situations where the Obstacle Avoidance and Vision Position system will not fly very well in. There are several ways to exit a flight mode, I tried them all. Screen Shot at 8. It does not descend to its original cruising height.

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