Dji драйвер купить очки dji с таобао в альметьевск I am using DJI Assistant 2 version My Mavic's firmware version is V The issue I am having is when I try to go into the calibration it continually says to reboot my drone. when I checked the my device manager it seams as if I may be having driver issues. Under ports (com & lpt) DJI USB Virtual. Naza-M Assistant Software v * Download the Firmware via Assistant software; the software only supports Windows XP or above (32bit/64bit). ZIP · EXE. @Naza-M Firmware* v DJI WIN Driver Installer. supports Windows XP or above (32bit/64bit). ZIP · EXE. Phantom Default. Assistant Software & Driver. Naza-M Assistant Software v zip · exe. @Naza-M Firmware* v DJI WIN Driver Installer. zip · exe. Phantom Default Configuration Parameters. zip. Naza-M Assistant Software v dmg.

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DJI phantom 2 vision plus software and drivers downloads❿❽

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Payloads Gather crucial data from every angle. I went out and I got another cable, but it was not the usb cable. I could get controller to be seen but not mavic, gave up in end and just used app. Thanks for the help. YellowRaven Offline YellowRaven lvl. Consumer Mavic Series Powerful and foldable for aerial adventure. The compass has been magnetized or not calibrated. Please note that the Phantom 1 is no longer being produced. No, you cannot install any other equipment or covering on the top surface of Phantom, that will probably affect GPS signal and functions. Sensor error is too big, the system will not work. No, the thread locker may corrode the shell of Phantom, may cause fractures. Please land the aircraft ASAP. The battery is not fully charged.

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